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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Patients is a virtue!

So a friend and I decided to create blogs tonight at work. I have been thinking about starting one for a while now. I love looking at the darling blogs of my friends and family and reading all their funny stories about the cute things their children do or the funny things that happen in everyday life. I also like the idea that since as of late my personal journal has seen a little more dust than usual, so if I were to get one of these darling blogs then I would be doing some form of journaling along the way. Another great plus to it is that I could add pictures then I would have some form of scrapbooking going on in my life also (because right now even if I wanted to I couldn't scrapbook because I really have no idea where my scrapbook stuff is?) Actually I have a pretty good idea but some is in a shed here and a box there, you get the idea.... Well we got started around 2:00 AM, for all of you who know me at all you know two rather obvious things about me, I may be a little computer challenged and second patients really isn't one of my strengths. With that in mind maybe 2:00 AM and me and a computer might not have been the best idea but what the heck, it was a way to pass some time. The outcome goes like this, it may take me a while to get my blog up and going. I doubt it will ever be darling and cute like the ones I admire. Lastly the main reason I'm doing this is mainly for me anyway but if you want to follow along feel free! The more the merrier in all things right??

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  1. You are so cute Michelle! It was so fun making a blog together at work, definitely one of my best shifts ever! By the way, I missed working with you on Sunday--if only you were scheduled...