My three little wonders

Monday, May 17, 2010


I  WANT ...  the whole fairy tale.

I CAN'T ... make up my mind.

I HAVE ... the best daughters in the world.

I AM ... blessed.

I MAKE ... mistakes every day.

I FEEL ... with my whole heart.

I CAN ... eat ice cream anytime.

I KNOW ... the church is true.

I MISS ...  being home.

I RUN ... because I can, sometimes when I don't want to, to make me feel alive.

I LOVE ... thunderstorms, to hear the sound of the ocean, sleeping in, late night talks with my girls.

I WISH ....  I understood why?

I AM ... a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me.

I NEED ... my sleep, it's never fun when I don't get it.

I DON'T ... laugh enough.

I CAN ... do hard things.

I LOVE ...  life.

I SING ... even when I don't know all the words.

I WONDER .... how it will all turn out.

I WILL ... figure it all out.


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I just found your cute blog from Heathers. Congrats to starting the blogging world! It is so fun, especially when you get your first book. We love looking at our blog book. I'm gonna add you to my list if that is ok. I hope you and your family are all doing great!

  2. I loved this! It made me miss you and wish I wasn't giant pregnant so I could snag you and go for a super long run and catch up on way to many years I have missed with you. Hugs. Heather

  3. Heather! I will be moving home soon so have that little kiddo and a running we shall go, or we could go get something gooey and fattening and talk about running!!! Either one is fine with me!